Switchfly creates better travel experiences that drive revenue and build loyalty

Switchfly creates better travel experiences that drive revenue and build loyalty


Match your brand with our inventory to engage your customers more deeply

Switchfly reduces friction by streamlining the travel and rewards redemption experience across channels and devices, bringing you:


Easy access to robust
global inventory


Flexible options for both
earn and redemption


Seamless brand

Advanced Targeting and Analytics

Advanced Targeting and Analytics

Deliver the right products and packages to the right customers at the right time with targeting capabilities and real-time analytics to enhance your digital marketing efforts.


  • No development required
  • Dynamic business rules engine ensures the right offers get seen by the right customers
  • Personalize the user experience based on your customers’ preferences, purchase history, time of year, etc.
  • Real-time dashboards accessible anywhere via the Cloud
  • Powerful visualization tools of business trends and performances
Advanced Targeting and Analytics

Deliver Optimized Offers and Packages

Switchfly enables businesses to improve the customer experience through seamless A/B testing capabilities.

  • Enhance customer engagement and target products based on customized parameters and business rules
  • Easy testing of offers & packages to unique customer segments
  • Increase relevance at the customer level




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