Switchfly Makes a Case for Miles-Plus-Cash Loyalty Programs

Switchfly CEO Craig Brennan on how airlines can get creative with flexible loyalty redemption options, such as Switchfly's miles-plus-cash feature, to encourage traveler engagement.


In The Big Chair - Craig Brennan of Switchfly

Switchfly CEO Craig Brennan discusses how loyalty looks in 2020 versus 2000, what younger generations want out of programs (points-plus-cash is a win) and how travel technology is helping customize offerings.

Future Travel Experience

JAL to create complete one-stop travel shopping experience ahead of Tokyo 2020

Japan Airlines has partnered with e-commerce travel startup Switchfly to launch a web-based reservation system for customers in USA and Canada visiting Japan during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics next July. The new platform will allow travellers to build vacation bundles of flights, accommodations, transportation, and activities.

Kambr Media

Japan Airlines Preps Vacation Packages Ahead Of 2020 Tokyo Olympic With Switchfly

JAL is partnering with travel-focused e-commerce platform Switchfly on a web-based Dynamic Package reservation system. Switchfly will power JAL’s vacation package bundling of flights, accommodations, transportation, and activities products.


JAL and Switchfly Launch One-Stop Travel Shop Ahead of Tokyo Olympics

Japan Airlines (JAL) and San Francisco-based travel-tech startup Switchfly have teamed up for a web-based reservation system that allows travelers to build custom packages of flights, accommodations, transportation and activities ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

The Marketing Insider

Pursuing Personalization

Using customer information more intelligently will allow travel providers to deliver offers that consumers really want. Chief Product Officer Alan Josephs discusses the pursuit of true personalization with The Marketing Insider.


Switchfly eyes European growth with new internet booking engine

California-based travel technology firm Switchfly has launched an internet booking engine for airlines to complement its dynamic packaging and loyalty and redemption products. The firm has partners operating websites in 25 countries and it works with BA’s loyalty scheme Avios and is well known in Europe for its partnership with American Express.

Hotel Management

How Segmentation Techniques Can Power Guest Loyalty

Hotels consistently strive to better understand the key drivers of loyalty program engagement to better appeal to members of all types. Loyalty data tell the story of what every member desires most, as told through his or her individual history. Hotel Management spoke with Douglas Gaccione, executive vice president of global growth at Switchfly, about how hotel brands can create a more personalized, curated experience for members.

Lodging Magazine

Three Insights on How Data Is Changing the Relationship Between Travelers and Hotels

Guest connectivity goes beyond network strength and the fastest WiFi connection. Technology is also allowing hotels to interact with guests on a more personal level due to the industry’s improved data gathering capabilities. LODGING spoke with Alan Josephs, executive vice president of product, marketing, and alliances at travel e-commerce platform Switchfly, about how executing on that data is changing the relationship between travelers and hotels. Here are three of his insights.