Grow revenue and loyalty together by creating value at every point in the customer journey


Take advantage of the industry’s most
comprehensive loyalty solution

Switchfly’s Loyalty allows members to earn and redeem points or use points + cash for travel and merchandise with anyone, anywhere, at any time, all according to your customized business rules. LEARN MORE


Tap into the most flexible ancillary
merchandising solution

With Switchfly's Packaging, businesses can create bundles of first-party and third-party ancillary services to increase revenue per customer while delivering a superior experience that engages, motivates and rewards their customers. LEARN MORE

Airline Booking Engine

Delight customers with hassle-free booking

Switchfly’s Airline Booking Engine allows clients to have a brand-matched website where customers can book activities, cars, flights, hotels, insurance and other services online. LEARN MORE


Provide ongoing offers for booked customers

Once booked, Switchfly’s Post-Booking opens up additional revenue opportunities for businesses, as well as enables modifications, cancellations and fulfillment. LEARN MORE

Airline Irregular Operations
(IROP) Management

Quickly accommodate travelers affected by irregular operations

Switchfly’s Airline Irregular Operations (IROP) Management allows airlines to automatically offer hotel accommodations to stranded passengers, reducing the long lines, frustration and pain that come with irregular operations. LEARN MORE

“The knowledge of member behavior gained from activity on the Switchfly platform has brought us closer to personalized offers, which our members have asked for.”

– Michelle Brown, Managing Director, Airport Operations, United Airlines

Check out products specific to your industry


Switchfly solutions for airlines help increase rewards redemption and drive ancillary revenue. LEARN MORE


Switchfly solutions for the hospitality industry drive engagement and redemption via dynamic vacation packaging. LEARN MORE

Financial Services

Switchfly solutions for the financial services industry increase the value of loyalty programs for customers. LEARN MORE


Switchfly solutions for auto rentals, amusement parks and other industries drive engagement, loyalty and maximize revenue. LEARN MORE