Switchfly Air is a continuously optimized and enhanced online booking engine that helps airlines increase revenue and build direct customer loyalty.

How it works:

Switchfly Air supports all aspects of an airline’s e-commerce experience, from front-end shopping and ancillary merchandising to the booking and post-booking paths. With capabilities like branded fare promotions, dynamic ancillary pricing, flexible configurations, and post-booking upsell, Switchfly Air gives airlines total control over their merchandising and pricing strategy, which makes it easier to quickly create and deploy ancillary products without custom coding and to sell new products.

Switchfly Air integrates seamlessly with the Switchfly Loyalty and Packaging solutions to unlock even more flexibility by offering bundles of first- and third-party ancillary products, flexible points + cash payment options, earn/burn capabilities, and a customized loyalty experience based on customer loyalty tier. 



  • Ability to offer first- and third-party ancillary products 

  • Ability to earn/burn loyalty miles on first- and third-party ancillary products  

  • In-path hotel, car, and activities cross-sell 

  • Post-booking offers and merchandising regardless of where the booking was made  

  • Beautiful and flexible UX optimized for mobile  

  • Ability to customize e-commerce flow  

  • Ability to run A/B tests on offers, ancillary products, and e-commerce flow  

  • Ability to easily add, modify, and offer branded fares and ancillary products 

  • NDC-aligned 

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