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Resetting the quest for travel loyalty in 2020 is a research-based report that examines airline and travel company priorities around loyalty programs, technology investments, attracting new customers and owning customer relationships. The report also looks at traveler preferences towards travel products, online booking and travel loyalty programs.

In early Q1, 2020, the airline industry was set for substantial growth. IATA was projecting total global spend on air travel to reach $908 billion in 2020. But that was before COVID-19 grounded the global travel industry.

Although the survey was conducted prior to global pandemic, the report provides meaningful insights on how airlines are rethinking their approach to driving traveler loyalty and the types of rewards their programs offer.

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Travel loyalty report takeaways:

  • With the right investments in booking technology and loyalty solutions, airlines and travel companies can refocus on how their customers want to experience travel e-commerce when they start flying again
  • Airlines can bridge the disconnect between what travel products they offer, improve their booking experience, and rebalance their needs with their customers'
  • While returning to profitability won't happen overnight, rebuilding traveler loyalty is an important factor in airline recovery
  • Airlines that invest in rebuilding customer confidence and improving direct relationships can reshape the future of travel loyalty in the decade ahead
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