Provide concierge-level travel services to your customers and loyalty program members. 

Our agent tools put the power of Switchfly Loyalty and Packaging in the hands of your company's call center teams and customer support personnel.


Personal service as a benefit

Whether you are an airline, travel brand, or financial services company, you can offer personal service or over-the-phone bookings to high-value customer segments as an option.


Manage bookings

With our agent tools, your call center representatives, concierge service providers, help desk operators, and other customer-facing staff members can make or modify travel bookings. 


Improve customer service

Customer profile and booking data are integrated into an easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring call center agents can have information at their fingertips to serve customer inquiries.

Agent tools 1 (1)

Manage your customers' bookings through a single portal

Agents can manage any booking, even if it didn't originate in the call center. The combined power of Switchfly Loyalty and Packaging enables agents to easily handle complex modifications like adding a new segment, extending dates, adding loyalty data and ancillaries, and upgrades.

Agent tools 2

Increase call center efficiency and improve customer support

Using a single interface means that call center agents can spend less time searching for fares and rules or navigating between systems to manage the whole of a customer's reservation. All the information that agents need to support customer inquiries is at their fingertips.


Boost the value of call center bookings

Faster service combined with access to Switchfly's network of global travel inventory through creates more opportunities for upselling and cross-selling additional travel products. This can turn your customer support department from a cost center into a revenue driver.

Transform your call center

Learn how our agent tools empower your call center to manage bookings, drive revenue and increase value to customers.