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Learn how travel rewards boost client satisfaction and your revenue

3 Ways Travel Benefits Financially Reward Rewards and Recognition Solutions

Increase R&R Program ROI

We’ll show you how expanding your offerings with travel rewards:

  • Grows employee loyalty
  • Improves employee retention
  • Increases total cart value
  • Reduces breakage rates

Add Travel Rewards

Learn about adding end-to-end, direct-to-book travel rewards to your platform:

  • Offer relevant, high-revenue travel products
  • Integrate seamlessly with your platform
  • Boost conversions and profitability with configurable programs
  • Customize travelers’ shopping and booking journey
  • Access insights and reporting in real-time

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About Switchfly

Switchfly is an Online Travel Agency (OTA), unique for seamlessly integrating travel and experiential options into Customer Loyalty programs, Rewards & Recognition platforms, and other Employee Rewards solutions. Switchfly's platform focuses on improving user experience through:

  • Booking & Managing Air, Hotel, Car, Etc.
  • On–Ground Traveler Support
  • Advanced analytics for personalized recommendations
  • Flexible buying options; pay with points, cash, or both

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