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Grow Customer Loyalty With The Right Travel Offers

Legacy technology systems and reliance on third-party distribution make it harder for airlines to meet customer expectations and capture more of their travel wallet. Differentiating your product offering and creating more revenue opportunities are critical. 

We help airlines increase top-line revenues, grow customer loyalty, and own more of their customers’ journeys with loyalty programs and packaging solutions designed specifically for travel.

Increase Revenues With High-Margin Ancillaries
Increase Revenues

We also help boost direct channel travel e-commerce revenue with packages and user experiences that beat those offered by other OTAs.

Connected data from our Loyalty solution helps you market travel products to relevant customer segments to maximize conversions.

Our Packaging solution connects your airline to global travel inventory, allowing you to bundle relevant products with core fares, and price travel products to preserve and increase margins on seats and ancillary services.

Own More Of Your Customers’ Journeys
Own More Of Your Customers’ Journeys

Keep your customers engaged with your brand and earn more of their travel wallet by providing the travel products they want.

Fully integrated with existing airline loyalty programs and booking systems, our solutions deliver a consistent brand experience, enabling your airline to own your customer relationship and data. You can better understand changing needs, and deliver more compelling offers and effective merchandising.

Connect Customer Data And Control Your Offers
Connect Customer Data And Control Your Offers

Your airline loyalty program is a valuable, revenue-generating asset. Our solutions can help you improve your program and engagement with travelers by unifying your loyalty and e-commerce.

Stay in control of the offers your members see and deliver complementary travel products to the right customer at the right time.

Flexible earning and redemption options (including points + cash) and sophisticated segmentation capabilities means members always receive promotions tailored to them.

Focus On Your Core Business
Focus On Your Core Business

Your airline is focused on getting travelers to their destinations, not building the latest travel e-commerce software.

Switchfly helps your airline keep that customer focus by providing configurable Loyalty and Packaging solutions that offer greater flexibility without time-intensive custom builds.

With immediate access to a global network of non-flight travel suppliers, uncomplicated connections between systems, and quick-to-market implementation, our Loyalty and Packaging solutions help your airline stay focused on meeting customer needs, without replacing existing suppliers or entire systems.

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Create Better Loyalty Experiences

Switchfly can help your airline own more of your customers’ travel e-commerce experience - and their travel spend.
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