Boosting Employee Morale Through Rewarding Experiences

Revolutionizing the Reward System

The Value of Travel As a Reward

There’s an urgent need to rethink traditional reward systems. Gift cards, for instance, despite being a go-to for companies looking to incentivize employee performance, don’t seem to resonate as being of true value. Only 6% of employees perceive gift cards as a valuable recognition for their contributions. As a result, the desired impact of fostering motivation, engagement, and retention through such rewards tends to fizzle out over time.

Transforming Employee Experiences

At Switchfly, we envision a workplace where travel isn’t simply a means to get away but an integral part of the employee benefits package appreciated by all.Through our partnerships with major industry players like American Airlines, American Express, British Airways, JetBlue, and MasterCard, we leverage travel as a compelling motivation, engagement, and retention strategy for companies worldwide.

Watch our webinar to see how Switchfly is helping organizations build stronger relationships with their people by associating memorable experiences with their brand. We are pioneering a new mode of corporate rewarding.

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