Complete, end-to-end solution managed by Switchfly

Switchfly gives you access to a robust network of suppliers that we will manage on your behalf. We negotiate and manage all of the supplier contracts, while our revenue sharing model means you can implement Switchfly and take advantage of our extensive global inventory at zero cost to you.

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Turnkey Merchant of Record & Fulfillment Management

As a Switchfly customer, your relationship with us gives you access to thousands of pre-negotiated offers. As the Merchant of Record, Switchfly does the heavy lifting for you, managing all contracts and fulfillment.


Seamless Customer Experience

Switchfly delivers a brand-matched solution that provides a completely natural and seamless customer experience.

Powerful Technology Stack

Our powerful, Cloud-based platform features insights tools and real-time decision engines to enable advanced customer segmentation and promotion configuration. Sophisticated pricing tools deliver commission optimization that drives incremental revenue.

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