A global, cloud-based platform
with powerful insights and
real-time decision engine

Customized in Your Brand

Switchfly’s brand matching capabilities help drive customer engagement. Businesses can tailor messaging, merchandise, product offerings and pricing for each customer.

60 billion points redeemed

Choice and Control

Switchfly offers a powerful insights tool and real-time business decision engine that integrates member profiles and CRM systems, and allows clients to increase customer engagement, revenue and control over their business decisions.

Managed Service

With Switchfly’s Managed Service solution, businesses only need to focus on one relationship, one contract and one platform. We do all of the heavy lifting, including negotiating and managing a multitude of vendor contracts and relationships, so clients get built-in choice and ease of implementation. LEARN MORE

$67 billion ancillary revenue

Switchfly APIs allow you to quickly gain access through modular, nimble APIs and developer-friendly tools.