The Future of Travel & Loyalty: How Travel Technology Will Impact Revenue Growth and Brand Loyalty as 2020 Approaches

Switchfly’s Travel & Loyalty 2020 Outlook Report explores key trends in travel technology, with insights on how suppliers and distributors across the airline, hotel and financial services industries can leverage new technology, data and inventory to recalibrate their loyalty strategies, facilitate higher revenue generating opportunities and create better user experiences.

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Focus on the Switchfly Outlook 2020 Report
  • The “platformization” of travel and why merchants should view the industry as a holistic, interconnected environment for commerce to drive revenue
  • How new technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality will disrupt the travel ecosystem, strengthen loyalty programs, and give rise to new distribution models
  • How the intersection of travel commerce and loyalty presents new opportunities for financial services companies
  • The growth in mobile commerce and the importance of creating technology-rich, engaging user experiences
  • The evolution of travel distribution channels and inventory offered across platforms
  • A look at New Distribution Capability (NDC) and how a shift in data management will enable airlines and hotels to bypass legacy systems
Focus on the Switchfly Outlook 2020 Report

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Travel technology experts share key insights on the connection between travel loyalty, travel technology and revenue generation.