Today’s travelers respond positively to personalized offers; these can forge strong emotional connections as well as memorable travel experiences. And it’s these emotional connections that build a strong foundation of loyalty which directly impacts the bottom line. A recent CapGemini study found that 70% of emotionally-engaged consumers spend up to two times or more on brands they are loyal to, compared to less than half (49%) of consumers with low emotional engagement. For airlines and travel brands, the need to drive direct bookings and grow revenue is constant. Creating emotional connections with travelers is a successful way to achieve both; building brand loyalty that converts.

“Just for Me” Personalizing Travel Offers to Win Over Your Customers

While consumers value variety and flexibility when booking travel, having too many options is overwhelming. What they really want from you are curated offers tailored directly to them. So, what does ‘Just for Me’ really mean in our era of targeted offers?

Using loyalty data to determine what travel products will be truly compelling to your customers, is a starting point. Personalized offers are a vital part of the ‘perfect bundle’ of travel products that are both attractive enough to drive incremental revenues and support your airline’s revenue goals.

But, personalization and customization alone won’t drive loyalty. Companies must engage emotionally with their customers as well.

Building an Emotional Connection that leads to Customer Loyalty

Forrester reports that emotion is the leading cause of customer loyalty across many sectors beyond travel. It’s also the next evolution of loyalty, going beyond transactions that consumers are accustomed to. But given all the complexities involved in booking a flight or hotel night how can airlines ensure customers are engaged, emotionally.

Cementing personal connections by recognizing customers’ loyalty status and making them feel appreciated with unique perks and amenities is what can captures hearts, minds and wallets – and what drives their loyalty to a travel brand.



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