• Gain access to a breadth of inventory suppliers for over 410,000 unique hotels, 2,000 cars and 10,000 activities
  • Offer your members unique and unmatched redemption options to drive site visits and future purchase consideration, as well as credit card usage
  • Custom offering to drive site visits and bookings on your site, as well as credit card usage and loyalty
  • Increase customer engagement, loyalty and consideration by offering contextually relevant and meaningful offers


  • Create premium packages and bundles with our global, multi-source inventory
  • Flexible pricing options and member segmentation
  • Powerful analytics for real-time optimizations

Applicable Products

Expand your customer loyalty and future credit card usage consideration, while growing your customer base and generating new revenue with Switchfly’s comprehensive product suite. From Loyalty to Packaging, Switchfly offers flexible and future-proof solutions to meet any need.

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