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What You Can Do With Switchfly

Create Tailored Offers And Rewards

Financial services companies know their customers’ preferences and spending habits, how they like to accrue and redeem rewards, and the patterns behind their purchasing decisions.

Switchfly’s travel loyalty solution helps you leverage that data to improve conversion rates and create revenue opportunities through segmented, personalized travel offers that target different cardholder types, tiers and spending brackets.

Increase Cardholder Spend

Travel products are relevant to cardholders, who frequently redeem their rewards on travel. Switchfly can help your brand offer personalized travel products to your cardholders through your own travel e-commerce platform, helping grow travel revenue and keep more cardholder spending in-house.

Offer Travel As A Benefit

Financial services companies understand the value of travel loyalty, but often leave travel e-commerce – and the revenue it generates – to other providers. By creating opportunities for cardholders to book travel and purchase additional travel-related ancillaries, they can make travel an integrated benefit of cardholder status, and drive more frequent transactions.

Switchfly provides the technology financial services companies need to create a branded travel e-commerce engine that gives their customers what they want: the ability to book travel and earn and burn rewards, all in one convenient place.

Increase Revenues With High-Margin Ancillaries
Differentiate Your Cardholder Experience

Consumers have many credit card options to choose from, and most offer some type of travel rewards. That’s why financial services companies must continuously incentivize consumers to spend and earn with their cards, not a competitor’s co-branded card. 

Switchfly can help your company create an end-to-end travel e‑commerce experience that takes travel reward redemption to the next level, and gives consumers a reason to choose your brand instead of others.

Switchfly Financial Services Features

Dynamic Packaging

Dynamically build travel packages by combining flights, hotel, car, and activities within the booking flow

Segmentation & Targeting

Micro-segment and target any combination of profile or itinerary attributes

Pricing & Promotion

Offer point discounts and promotions to users

Earn & Burn

Allow members to earn loyalty points for travel purchases, and redeem points in combination with other payment methods

Marketing & Messaging

Customize travelers’ shopping and booking journey with different messaging options, discounts, primary & secondary promotions or exclusive deals

Currency & Language

Automatically display content in other languages and currencies based on where your customers are

Insights & Reporting

Real-time access to booking data, financial data, business intelligence reports, and web analytics, as well as automatic pass-through to back end systems

On–Ground Traveler Support

Customer service representatives are available 24/7 for first-class traveler support


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