Take advantage of the industry’s most comprehensive loyalty solution

Switchfly’s Loyalty allows your members to earn and redeem points or points + cash for travel merchandise with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Your business rules and parameters are seamlessly integrated with Switchfly’s robust global inventory for customized loyalty member offers.



  • Maximize Program Value

  • Offer flexible benefits & rewards

  • Increase program participation of all members at all levels

  • Customize product offerings, promotions and incentives


  • Increase your loyalty program value by providing members the ability to use cash and/or points to earn and/or redeem offers

  • Enhance the customer experience with rewards and offers for all members, regardless of level based on your business rules

  • Personalize the program offers by utilizing our multiple sources of inventory

  • Maximize your program potential and value through data-driven analytics and real-time optimizations


Implementing and Engaging with Switchfly’s Loyalty

Switchfly has done all the heavy lifting for you, integrating a rich list of inventory providers to give you built-in ease of implementation. You can tailor messaging, pricing and offers for each customer.

Managed Service

Switchfly handles all contractual relationships and negotiations with suppliers so you truly have one contract, one point of contact. LEARN MORE


You handle all contractual relationships with suppliers. Switchfly APIs enable connections between suppliers.

The switch from offline to online saved call-center cost and produced
faster call times