Tap into the most flexible ancillary merchandising solution

Switchfly’s Packaging allows businesses to deliver a superior customer experience and maximize the per-customer value by creating bundles of first- and third-party ancillary products and services during the booking flow.



  • Maximize revenue per customer

  • Offer huge discounts without exposing your margins

  • Seamless integration of packages that match your brand’s look and feel

  • Drive further consideration through convenience


  • Grow share-of-wallet by bundling hundreds of thousands of travel products with the added convenience of placing them on one confirmation number

  • Leverage the industry’s most robust supplier network of activities, air, car and hotels

  • Add convenience and customization by allowing customers to build their own packages and checkout with one transaction and one payment

  • Maximize your ROI with exclusive access to multiple pricing options and pass along huge discounts to your customers without exposing your margins

  • Dynamic, rapid deployment of new bundles


Implementing and Engaging with Switchfly’s Packaging

Switchfly has done all the heavy lifting for you, integrating a rich list of inventory providers to give you built-in ease of implementation. You can tailor messaging, pricing and offers for each customer.

Managed Service

Switchfly handles all contractual relationships and negotiations with suppliers so you truly have one contract, one point of contact. LEARN MORE


You handle all contractual relationships with suppliers. Switchfly APIs enable connections between suppliers.