Switchfly Packaging allows airlines to seamlessly bundle flights with complimentary travel products in their brand, using their suppliers and their program rules. 

How does it work?

Switchfly integrates with airlines’ PSS systems, main GDSs, hotel CRSs, third party OTAs, and many suppliers to allow travel brands to access a robust inventory of flights, hotels, cars, and activities, as well as global payment gateways, fraud prevention, fulfillment, and support services.  

With capabilities like dynamic/preset package booking, advanced marketing possibilities, flexible business rules configurations, and optimized booking flow, Switchfly Packaging allows travel brands to be a one-stop-shop for their customers and provide them with the most relevant and unique offers.  

Switchfly Packaging integrates seamlessly with Switchfly Loyalty to unlock even more flexibility by allowing travelers to earn/burn points on ancillary products and pay with cash, points, or points-plus-cash 




  • Incremental revenue from offering core and ancillary travel products  

  • One-stop responsive and flexible e-commerce solution  

  • Fully integrated customer experience  

  • Reduce dependencies on OTAs and other distribution channels  

  • Allow airlines to own their customers by directly managing their relationships and data 

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