Expand your loyalty redemption options and create more revenue opportunities


Switchfly Loyalty gives airlines, travel companies and financial services brands the tools they need to engage more customers and encourage them to spend more.


Relevant, high-margin travel products

Offer a host of options from our global travel supplier network including flights, hotels, car rental, and activities.


Flexible payment and redemption options

Increase conversions by allowing customers to pay using points or cash or a combination of both.


Control and visibility

Easy-to-manage configurations means you have complete control over inventory, pricing, and promotions, booking and redemption options.


Integrates with packaging tools

Extend your loyalty capabilities to dynamically package vacation bundles and offer customers fully branded travel e-commerce experiences that differentiate your loyalty program and drive more revenues.


Segmentation & Targeting

Segmentation & targeting

Micro-segment and target any combination of profile or itinerary attributes


Pricing & promotion
Offer point discounts and promotions to loyalty members


Earn & burn
Allow members to earn loyalty points for travel purchases, and redeem points in combination with other payment methods


Marketing & messaging

Customize travelers’ shopping and booking journey with different messaging options, discounts, primary & secondary promotions or exclusive deals


Currency & language

Automatically display content in other languages and currencies based on where your customers are


Insights & reporting

Real-time access to booking data, financial data, business intelligence reports, and web analytics, as well as automatic pass-through to back end systems


Improve your customer segmentation and reward valued customers

Understand traveler preferences and give customers more of the travel products they want. Create unique booking experiences and offers based on sophisticated segmentation rules that help you recognize and reward customers according to spending patterns and behaviors.


Drive more bookings with flexible earning and redemption options

Engage high and low points balance members more effectively by allowing points earning and redemption on travel products and packages, not just flights. Improve loyalty program performance with flexible redemption options that include miles or points + cash functionality.


Expand your travel promotions and drive higher conversions

Scale your loyalty marketing efforts with point discounts and promotions to members. Integrate our solution with your points bank and customer data platform to control how your inventory is displayed and priced, manage currency rules and conversion rates, and run more effective promotions.


Offer your customers more travel options through a single solution

Unify your e-commerce and loyalty needs instead of managing multiple vendors and solutions. Manage business rules and supplier relationships your way, in one easy-to-use tool that is constantly updated with new features and supports multiple languages and currencies to meet customer needs.

Engage more travelers

Find out how our loyalty solution can help your airline or financial services company engage more customers. Schedule a call with us to learn more.