Travel brands that take control of the direct channel booking experience have the opportunity to build relationships with their customers, learn about their preferences and behaviors, present them with tailored content designed to maximize conversions, and ultimately generate more revenue.

This was the subject of our most recent article in a multi-part series on travel loyalty and personalization published in Skift: How Travel Brands Can Take Control of Customers’ Travel Booking Experience

In the article, we also explore why augmenting the direct channel with content from other suppliers can help travel brands create a more consistent, seamless journey for customers. And we explain how you can build a better customer experience by following these three strategies:

  1. Use loyalty to drive personalization
  2. Encourage log-ins early, and often
  3. Follow the customer throughout the journey across multiple touchpoints

Is your travel brand using these strategies to get the most out of your direct channel bookings? Read the full article on Skift to find out.

If you’re curious to learn more about how we’re partnering with airlines, hotels, and other travel brands to transform travel challenges into travel opportunities, please contact us today.


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