An Airline Supercharges its Rewards Program to Appeal to More Members: Case Study

How did a global full-service airline engage new customers and reward its less frequent travelers?

Our latest case study explains how a major international carrier provided its customers with more flexible payment and redemption options -miles-plus-cash – using Switchfly’s managed loyalty solution.

The miles-plus-cash feature allows the airline’s program members to combine their existing miles balances with cash (or credit card) payments to more easily redeem for flights and travel products, including room and car rewards.

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Learn how offering a miles-plus-cash redemption option to travelers can unlock:

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  • Increased bookings: Higher average miles and higher retail value per booking
  • Earlier engagement: Fewer average miles needed to start redeeming
  • Greater customer loyalty: Increase in average miles redeemed per member
  • Personalized rewards: Based on program members’ loyalty tier
  • Total customization: Tailor the loyalty experience to program needs
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Download Switchfly's Miles Plus Cash Case Study

Discover how using miles-plus-cash can help your loyalty program members reach their travel goals faster, while driving incremental revenue for your airline.