Case study pages explaining how Switchfly helped JetBlue Vacations make travel more accessible through flexible payments with MarcusPay


As travel rebounds at different rates worldwide, increasing online travel bookings among all consumer segments and boosting travel package value is vital for airline revenues in the wake of COVID-19. More than one in three consumers aged 18-37 say the availability of an installment payment option has influenced their decision to complete a purchase.

When JetBlue relaunched JetBlue Vacations in February 2020, the airline’s goal was to make high-value travel packages accessible to all customer segments by providing a way to spread the cost of travel over time.

Download your copy to learn how Switchfly and MarcusPay made it possible for JetBlue Vacations to capture more of this consumer segment’s travel spend.

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Explore how flexible payment options can increase conversions in a post-Covid era:

  • Seamless conversions: installment payments make it easier for consumers to pay for travel expenses.
  • Recovering revenue: a flexible checkout process makes high-value travel packages more accessible.
  • Personalized experience: loyalty members can also pay with points plus cash for an option-rich user experience.
  • Greater customer loyalty: a seamless booking and flexible payment process improves customer loyalty.
Magnifying glass zoomed in view of Switchfly’s Jet Blue MarcusPay Case Study which explains how new payment methods can increase conversions